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Check out our highlights from our 2021 brand identity design work. Holy smokes what a year! Thank you so much to all the awesome brands and lovely followers who have commissioned and supported Ulysses Design Co in 2021. Here is round up of a few of our highlight projects from this year.

Animation of brand identity for tattoo brand


Our brand strategy is first and foremost to empower business owners and give them the tools they need to elevate their brands. We do this by using meaningful brand identity design to improve brand image, raise awareness and connect with the desired audience.

Script logo type with drop shadow
Retro sun logo
Sun set palm tree logo
Custom logotype
Hand drawn logo with moon
Psychedelic type logo
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Our process is simple, transparent and collaborative. We start with brand strategy to define brand foundation, brand personality, target audience and market position. We use this data to inform our brand identity design choices which we present over video meeting allowing plenty of time for collaboration and feedback. Finally, we deliver the project ready for online and print accompanied by a bullet proof style guide with clear instructions on how to implement it.

Skull tattoo design
Crystal ball logo
Badge logo
Psychedelic t shirt design
Psychedelic logotype
Surf t shirt design
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Our brand identity design style is a celebration of good vibes. We love summer, surf, adventure and music and always try to communicate this with our work. We use custom typography, bold colour and hand drawn illustration to create our signature style.

Flash sheet of logos
Flash sheet of logos
Flash sheet of logos
Flash sheet of logos
Flash sheet of logos
Flash sheet of logos
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Check out the client projects below for flattering testimonials and other examples of our brand identity design work.

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