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Here is our rebrand and Shopify website for record store, Released Records. The store owner Mark reached out to Ulysses Design Co to help them with a new brand strategy and cohesive brand identity design to increase sales and reposition their business. The objective was to rebrand the business to a wider audience and lift their ecommerce game.

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The client’s existing logo and black and white colour palette was widely used and they didn’t want to reinvent the wheel with a whole new logo system. Their existing website was outdated, hard to navigate and offered a poor user experience. We needed to create a brand identity that appealed to young kids from the local music scene as well as older crate diggers. We also needed a website design that was engaging for the tech savvy kids and easy to operate for the less web savvy generation of record collectors. Our solution was this rebrand and a customized Shopify website.

Mobile view of ecommerce website on smart phone
Mobile view of ecommerce website on smartphone
Screen view of ecommerce website on tablet
Screen view of ecommerce website on laptop
Mobile view of ecommerce website on smart phone
Screen view of ecommerce website on laptop
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For this rebrand we built a brand identity on the existing logo by adding a custom typography pairing and colour palette. We softened the black and white palette and added four vibrant, yet muted tones to add pops of colour. We used a colour treatment of the existing logo to add more life to the branding. To make the brand identity more flexible and versatile, we created a custom brand mark and word mark from existing logo. We added personality to the brand identity with a series of brand mascots that represented a different genre from their record selection.

Illustrated record sleeve of Love - Forever Changes
Illustrated record sleeve of Alice Coltrane
Illustrated record sleeve of Curtis Mayfield - Super Fly
Illustrated record sleeve of MF Doom - Madvillian
Illustrated record sleeve of Patti Smith - Horses
Illustrated record sleeve of Grace Jones - Nightclubbing
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For the Shopify website design, we wanted to create an engaging and immersive ecommerce experience. To achieve this we illustrated the record store and the owner’s top ten records. The idea was to take the user offline and into their favourite record store. To help the user navigate Released Records’ extensive collection we set up detailed filtering to allow easy and accurate searching. To encourage additional purchases we added recommendation links to each listing based on the users searches. We found Shopify to be the perfect home for this ecommerce business. We were able to create a unique and engaging user interface by utilising the vibrant rebrand we designed.

Character design of musical instruments
Logo loLogo lockups from brand identity for a record store
Brand fonts from brand identity for a record store style guide
Colourful logo lockups from brand identity for a record store
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"We couldn’t be happier with the design, branding pack and illustrations. We honestly can’t thank you enough for your work on them. You turned our bland brand Into something quite inspiring. For that we will always be in debt to both of you."

Released Records Co-Owner, Mark Crossley

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