Branding Brews: 6 Tips for Effective Craft Beer Labeling

April 14, 2023

Differentiate Or Die

Craft beer is an ever-growing industry, with new breweries and beer styles emerging before you can even finish your pint. In such a competitive market, it's crucial for breweries to have an effective branding strategy to differentiate themselves on the shelves. One of the most vital aspects of branding for them is labeling.

That said, this article offers six tips for effective craft beer labeling that may boost your brand along the way.

1. Keep It Simple But Eye-Catching

When designing a craft beer label, it's essential to keep things simple but still eye-catching. A cluttered label can be overwhelming to consumers and may not catch their attention. Choose a simple color scheme with bold, legible fonts that are easy to read from a distance. And don't forget to make the name of the beer prominent on the label. This will help consumers remember your brand and may encourage them to try your beer again in the future.

2. Use Quality Artwork

The artwork you choose to put on your craft beer label is equally as significant as the drink itself. Invest in high-quality artwork that accurately depicts your company's name and the beer in the bottle. Whether you work with a professional graphic designer or create the label on your own, the artwork should have a high resolution and appear nice on both small and large labels. This is true regardless of whether you choose to create the label yourself or hire a professional.

3. Make the Style Clear

When it comes to purchasing a craft brew, customers want to know exactly what they are buying. Be sure that the style of your beer can be easily identified from the label. The style should be clear and easy to understand, and this applies whether the beer in question is a porter, an IPA, or a hefeweizen. The consumer will be better able to make an informed selection as a result, and they may even be encouraged to try something new.

4. Tell a Story

In the world of craft beer, there is frequently more to consider than just the beverage itself. Numerous breweries each have a narrative that serves as inspiration for their brand, and customers like learning these tales. Make use of the label to share a tale about your brewery or the idea that sparked the creation of the beer. Creating an emotional connection with customers and making your brand more memorable can be accomplished with the help of this tactic.

5. Include Important Information

In addition to the name and style of the beer, there are other crucial pieces of information that should be included on the label. This includes the alcohol by volume (ABV), the ingredients used in the beer, and any relevant warnings or legal information. Make sure this information is easy to find on the label and legible.

6. Consider the Printing Process

Finally, it's important to consider the printing process when designing your craft beer label. The printing process can affect the final look and feel of the label, so you must work with a printer who has experience printing labels for craft beer. You may also want to consider using specialty printing techniques, such as embossing or foil stamping, to make your label stand out even more.

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Craft beer labeling is an important aspect of branding for breweries. By keeping things simple and eye-catching, using quality artwork, making the style clear, telling a story, including important information, and considering the printing process, you can create an effective craft beer label that will help your brand stand out on the shelves.

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